30 April - 6 May
Prana Intensive: Teachers' Retreat

£250 deposit + £500

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A retreat for Yoga Teachers to spend time in a designated spiritual centre, transformational and safe space to go deeper into their experience of the State of Yoga.

This forms 50 hours of our 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training module which is open to yoga teachers holding a 200 hour certificate as a stand alone module.

This yoga teacher retreat is an invitation to come together in sangha (community) and sadhana (spiritual practice) so that you can deepen in yoga practice and your own healing. You will practice at your own pace, while being guided by Yoga Elders and Senior Yoga Teachers Stephanie Shanti and Lila Lolling.

During this classical Hatha Yoga focused retreat, you will find your own unique combination that unlocks a more sattvic experience, enabling you to experience the 'State of Yoga'. All asana levels are encouraged to attend as this Hatha Yoga immersion is customized for your abilities. Stephanie Shanti & Lila will hold space for you as you make your own journey through this purifying, and energizing retreat.

This unique retreat is a chance to live, breathe, and practice various aspects of Yoga throughout your day. It is a rare chance for yoga teachers to be still and practice, without learning new skills, but simply to be absorbed and dedicated to your personal experience of yoga in a space designed specifically for this purpose.

It is also a chance to commune with nature, other yoga teachers, and partake in the benefits of ashram life for a short time.