Sunshine Lotus Yoga Retreat with Rachel Neyland

I have been practising yoga since I was a teenager but became fully immersed in it about 10 years ago. For me yoga is a powerful force which brings healing and harmony into your life.

My first training as a teacher was in Kundalini Mastery of Meditation and Yoga in 2012. I have since gone on to train in Forrest Yoga and as a Healing Space practitioner for people living with cancer.

Forrest Yoga is a beautiful practice which teaches us how to reclaim our bodies, expand our perception and embrace the complexities of our spirits. It blends the profound ancient teachings of yoga and American Indian cultures with a 21st century perspective bought by its creator Ana Forrest.

I was lucky enough to visit Shanticentre as part of my Healing Space training and am so excited to have the opportunity to offer a Sunshine Lotus Yoga Retreat in this magical place - don't miss out!