6 - 12 May
Yoga, Philosophy & Nature with Lila Lolling

Yoga Philosophy and Nature Retreat with Lila Lolling

This week long eco+yoga retreat is a perfect way to experience the charm of southern Italy in a relaxed way that easily blends your love for travel, yoga, and amazing food. During this week-long retreat you will dive deeply into your own heart-center and take full advantage of the spiritual vibrations of Italy and Shanticentre to look within, rejuvenate yourself, and explore the beautiful land around you.

Each day begins with a themed meditation, asana and pranayama practice that builds upon itself. You will then participate in a yoga philosophy workshop with Lila that gives you time for inner contemplation and journal time. The afternoon is spent in leisure and with an hour long movement class. Your day concludes with an evening meditation that brings everything together in an embodied experience within.


1) 2 EXCURSIONS; one to Pineto, the sea with lovely sand beaches and pine trees and one excursion to Atri, a quaint medieval town near a nature preserve and perfect for light shopping, gelato, cappuccino and garden tours.
2) 3 MEALS DAILY - vegan/vegetarian. Shanticentre uses locally sourced vegetables, olive oil, olives and more. Food is heavenly. (One meal during the week is not included and will be at a local restaurant)
3) ACCOMMODATIONS - 2 beds per room, retreat limited to 10 people.
4) RETREAT CENTER AMENITIES - sauna, hot tub, pool, country living perks (silence, moon views, Italian country views)
5) YOGA CLASSES + WORKSHOPS - offered daily

The intention of this retreat is to create solidarity amongst each other, reconnect to the beauty of nature, deepen your relationship with yourself, and of course...relax and explore Italy!

It is truly a peaceful and purposeful location to offer yourself dedicated time for personal development and exploration. Limited to 10 students to maintain the intimate nature of this retreat.