Abruzzo is a region in Central Italy on the Adriatic coast.

Shanticentre is in the Teramo province of Abruzzo NW from Pescara, 10km from Atri and about 15km from the sea.

Our address is: Shanticentre, Contrada Conicella, Atri (TE) 64032


Abruzzo has an international airport with from London Stansted to Pescara with Ryanair, just under an hour from us by car. The course fee includes airport transfer to and from Pescara on the first & last day of the course.

If Stansted isn't convenient for you it is also easy to reach us via Rome though you will have to arrange onward travel by bus or coach (2-3 hours) to Abruzzo.

If you would prefer not to fly you can also get the Eurostar overnight to Rome or Bologna via Paris. You will need to allow yourself extra time but you can add a stopover in one or more of these amazing cities to add an extra dimension to your holiday.

Ancona is another possibility (90 minutes from us) for air travel and if you are looking to have a week with us as part of a longer holiday in Italy you can fly / catch the train to any number of cities and hire a car - just contact us to ask for directions.

Travel from Rome

It is possible to get a train from Rome to Pescara but it is much quicker to take a coach from Tiburtina coach station (right next to Tiburtia train station) to Val Vomano (25 minutes from us) where we can arrange pick up.

Transfer from Rome's airports takes you to Termini which is the central train and metro station. From Fiumicino airport take the express train (costs € 9.50, duration 30 minutes), from Tiburtina is on Metro Line B (the blue one) 4 stops north of Termini.

There is also a slower and cheaper train which goes directly from the train station at Fiumicino airport to Tiburtina. There are normally four trains an hour and the journey typically takes 48 minutes.

Another option is to take the Prontobus coach from Fiumicino aiport to Chieti Scalo near Pescara e.g. 18:00 departure arriving 21:00. Prontobus website

Direct buses from Tiburtina to Val Vomano are listed below.

Please get in touch with us if you are arriving in Rome and we will advise you of how you can connect with our free transfer.

Bus times Monday-Saturday Rome Tiburtina station - Val Vomano with TUA bus

Depart fromDeparture timeArrivalArrival time
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina08:30Val Vomano10:40
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina12:45Val Vomano14:45
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina14:25Val Vomano16:30
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina15:15Val Vomano17:45
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina18:00Val Vomano20:00
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina19:30Val Vomano21:30
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina21:30Val Vomano23:30


Depart fromDeparture timeArrivalArrival time
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina12:25Val Vomano14:50
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina14:25Val Vomano16:30
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina18:00Val Vomano20:10
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina19:30Val Vomano22:00
Roma-Stazione Tiburtina22:30Val Vomano00:30
Depart fromDeparture timeArrivalArrival time
Val Vomano07:55Roma-Stazione Tiburtina10:10
Val Vomano09:10Roma-Stazione Tiburtina11:50
Val Vomano14:20Roma-Stazione Tiburtina16:40
Val Vomano18:40Roma-Stazione Tiburtina20:50

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