Yoga with Cathy Richardson

We are delighted to welcome Cathy back to Shanticentre for 2018.

Yoga practice on the retreat will push the boundaries whilst finding calm and quiet, making space for personal reflection and cognitive acceptance of what is, and moving forward positively. The aim will be to relax and restore the body whilst calming the mind.

The classes will be well-paced but not frenetic, calming and sometimes meditative. The overall style of yoga will be Hatha, but we will also explore Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga in the mornings, when we the body is more active. Afternoon sessions will be more relaxed, using Restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Yin Yoga techniques to relax, focussing on techniques for sleep, stress management and injury recovery and avoidance.

Cathy Richardson has practiced yoga for 9 years, and is a qualified teacher with the Yoga Alliance, having studied Iyengar-based yoga with Sam Rao. She has a particular interest in yoga therapy, and has trained at the Yoga Campus in London in subjects like yoga for sleep and restorative yoga. She is also a qualified cognitive behavioural coach, and works with business and sports professionals to overcome limiting behaviours and ingrained emotional patterns in order to achieve outstanding performance objectives.

Cathy's yoga teaching focusses on the mind/body connection and the achievement of good physical alignment in the postures. The aim is to build from a strong foundation of equally balancing strength, flexibility and mental focus. Rebalancing unnatural or unhealthy movement and postural habits, restoring the natural physical balance and removing stress points all form part of her yoga offering.

Cathy teaches with generosity of spirit, kindness and compassion. She gives clear instructions and demonstrates every pose, but also spends a lot of time working hands-on with her students, assisting with adjustments to help every individual achieve their goal. Good alignment and physical posture avoids injuries and gives a solid foundation for future practice, which is what she wants her students to enjoy.

The retreat is open to all levels. Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced yogi, there will be something for you to learn, practice and enjoy.

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