13 - 19 May
Yoga with Billy Tudor

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Yoga week with Billy Tudor

Billy Tudor is a qualified BWY teacher and a Reiki Master. www.yoga-xen.co.uk.

"I have been practicing Yoga for many years and started to teach after I completed a BWY foundation course in 2003. In 2005 I went on to qualify with the BWY receiving my diploma at the Lam Rim Buddhist Centre.

I teach mainly in London and Kent, this varies from working for fitness/leisure centres, to being involved with charitable organisations and the NHS, bringing yoga to those with learning difficulties, mental health problems and physical disabilities. 'Yoga is accessible to all'.

The morning classes will be based on Hatha Yoga, but my eclectic Yoga experience will be brought into the afternoon classes to offer the group an opportunity to experience something new - Bhakti Yoga, a taste of Kundalini or a journey through the Chakras posture by posture. Whatever it is, it will be fun... 'we should never forget how to play'

And of course we will all enjoy the Shanticentre Five Star Treatment too."